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Winter Storms in Lanzarote

Most visitors to Lanzarote get to enjoy sultry temperatures and clear blue skies whatever time of year they choose to visit the island. But that’s certainly not been the case over the last week or so, as winter storms have been sweeping across the island for a period of eight days. With more bad weather forecast for this coming weekend.

Last week Lanzarote was hit by the tail end of a large Atlantic storm driving in from the south. Usually this direction ensures that most rain is dumped on other islands in the Canaries chain such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria. But this tormenta managed to get through and caused a degree of flooding in areas such as Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen and the north.

As many owners of property in Lanzarote will testify most houses and buildings here have not been built with rain resistance in mind – and indeed why bother when the island gets so little precipitation under normal circumstances.

However no sooner than the previous week’s storm waters been mopped up Lanzarote is no facing another deluge this weekend, with wind gusts of up to 100 km per hour predicted along with heavy rainfall, possibly stretching into Saturday before dissipating early next week

This time the storm is hitting Lanzarote from the west as an anti cyclone spins across the north of the island, resulting in all open air events and activities, such as the weekly market in Teguise, to be called off. High waves are also expected so the local emergency services have issued a bad weather warning, which means that visitors would be well advised to stay away from the seafront until at least Sunday.

All of which is a mighty shame for anyone currently on the island in search of sun. This type of weather is very unusual on Lanzarote and only occurs every six or seven years or so. But obviously the current inclement climate has put a real dampener on the holiday plans of many tourists.