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Wi-Fi Hotspots on Lanzarote

Thinking about buying a home in Lanzarote but want to be sure you will get a decent internet connection?

One of the main ways in which buying a property and booking holidays has changed in the last twenty years is through the internet, as people no longer have to rely on a travel agent or holiday company to provide them with accommodation and flight details. Of course, the world wide web has also changed many other aspects of modern life, but travel in particular has been opened up in ways that may not have previously been foreseen. The opportunity to search out the best deals or even just get a much more complete picture of where you’d like to go has revolutionized going away.

Such is our reliance on connectivity that one of the main facilities we stipulate as essential is internet access. Whether you are staying in a hotel, apartment or holiday villa, being able to get online is vital. For those who use social media frequently, not being able to let all your friends know almost immediately what you’ve been up to is just not on.

So even on a small island like Lanzarote, there is constant expansion of both speed and coverage. Only this week one of the local councils, Teguise, announced that they have launched five free WiFi access points around their municipality. Many of these spots have been identified as areas with high footfall, so providing free access in these zones should benefit the highest number of users.

They include the centre of Teguise, the village of Caleta de Famara, Las Cucharas beach area in Costa Teguise, Guatiza social centre and Tahiche. It’s hoped that both tourist visitors and residents alike will benefit from being able to go online when they’re out and about, whether they are using a tablet, laptop or smartphone. As soon as you enter an area where the signal can be picked up, you should see Teguise WiFi available as an open connection.

In other areas of the island, such as Tias and Guime, internet providers are currently working to lay fibre optic cables so that Lanzarote will have the same high speeds available in countries such as the UK. Tenerife already has several areas where 100MB is on offer to homes and businesses.

The ways in which technology has been developed means that instead of depending on internet cafes, in future, visitors and residents will be able to stay online wherever they are on the island. This is hardly surprising, given that the small footprint Lanzarote has should make a network covering the whole island something that is easy to achieve.