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Perfect Palm Trees For Your Garden in Lanzarote

Many of our clients are real green fingered garden lovers and have moved to Lanzarote primarily in order to create their own ideal outdoor spaces. However gardening here is obviously very different to the UK, with a vast variance in climatic conditions such as soil texture, rainfall and temperatures.

So it’s sensible to take a tour of some of the N0-120 best gardens and outdoor spaces on the island in order to gain inspiration. As well as taking a close look at what locals are growing on their plots.

Here we take a closer look at the most commonly used palms available to plant enthusiasts on the island, exploring their individual characteristics and uses in the typical Lanzarote garden space. Most will work wherever you choose to buy your property, 220-802 exam but obviously very exposed and windy locations such as Famara are not ideal for these plants. So we´d only suggest using these in more sheltered garden locations along the south eastern coast –or of course within tall walled environments.

Phoenix Canariensis

Nothing says tropical more than a palm tree and the local favourite, the Phoenix Canariensis – also known as the Canarian Date Palm – is a real beauty, reaching enormous heights on maturity and providing a real eye catching specimen in the meantime.

You´ve only got to pay a visit to the Valley of 1000 Palms in the north of the island to see just how striking this species is, especially when planted en masse.

It’s also a surprisingly hardy species, resistant to temperatures of minus 10 degrees Celsius, so it can even be grown successfully in warmer microclimates within the UK, thriving for example along the English Riviera and even in grey old London town!

It’s important however to appreciate just how big this huge palm can get, as it’s not at all ideal for smaller gardens and patios, reaching up to 40 metres in height and with a very large spread too. So it’s best to only go for this if you have a large outdoor space. These palms look great planted in both naturalised groupings or more formal lines, so they play a central role in the landscaping of most gardens here on Lanzarote.

Bismarkia Nobilis

Another real monster size palm that requires a great deal of space and room is the majestic Bismarkia, or Bismarckia nobilis. Unlike the Canary Date Palm it is not indigenous to the island, but instead hails from Madagascar, an island that is a source of so many of the world’s unique pant species.

This is a palm that works best in splendid isolation, as this facilitates full appreciation of its magnificent leaves as well as its huge stature (reaching up to 20 metres in height) and its distinctive silvery green colouring.

Washingtonia Robusta

Almost an honorary native so ubiquitous is it usage in larger gardens and hotel grounds the Washingtonia Robusta in fact from Mexico and is possibly most famous for its use in parts of Los Angeles, such as Hollywood, where it is sometimes referred to as skyscraper palm and where it was introduced to beautify the scenery for the 1932 Olympic Games. This gives an immediate clue as to its height and the Robusta is another jolly green giant, growing to a neck craning 30 metres on maturity.