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Lanzarote´s Popularity On The Rise Again

Lanzarote´s popularity as a holiday destination shows no signs of abating, as the latest arrivals figures indicate that passenger numbers rose once again last month.

Lanzarote has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe for decades now and this looks more than likely to continue, despite increased competition from newer countries and resorts. Thanks to a combination of factors which continue to combine and make the island irresistible to tourists.

Chief amongst these is of course climate. You can visit Lanzarote and soak up the sun at any time of the year (unlike mainland Europe) – expect to experience temperatures in the low 20´s Celsius during the winter months, which is way in excess of levels elsewhere. The island is also extremely accessible, at just four hours flying time from the UK and other important markets such as Germany.

Now this of course could also be said of other islands in the Canaries, but once on Lanzarote there´s loads for tourists to do, which is a primary reason why so many people return year after year. There are, of course, lots of great beaches to explore. But beyond this Lanzarote also offers attractions that could genuinely be described as unique – whether created by Mother Nature or the hand of man.

These natural wonders include the Valley of 1000 Palms in the north of the island and the Green Lagoon in the south. Whilst the volcanic vistas of the Timanafya National Park are a must see for any visitor. In many places this breath-taking scenery has been further enhanced by the intervention of the local artists Cesar Manrique, who transformed spaces such as the Jameos del Agua – formerly a collapsed lava tunnel – into amazing tropical gardens.

Of course all of this would go to waste if there weren´t some great places to stay and there´s plenty of different accommodation options on the island. Not least in the private rental sector, as demand from independent travellers for holiday apartments and villas continues to rise.

Like most other holiday destinations Lanzarote has been transformed by this increase in independent travel, fuelled by the internet and the availability of cheap flights. These conditions have created the ideal market for property owners to cash in by renting out their properties to holidaymakers, much to the distaste of some hotel chains, who continue to lobby local politicians for a crackdown.