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Lanzarote Flies Higher Than Canaries

Lanzarote is the highest flyer of the seven Canary Islands according to data just released by the Cabildo, which reveals that tourist arrivals here far outstripped the uplift experienced elsewhere in the archipelago during February.

The rise during the second month of the year was by as much as 21.5% when compared with the same month in 2013 and was well ahead of increases experienced by all the other islands. With Fuerteventura seeing the next strongest performance and an additional 12.5% of tourists visiting its shores, whilst Tenerife and Gran Canaria fared less well with 6.43% and 5.2% more holiday makers arriving respectively.

The head of the Society for the External Promotion of Lanzarote, Hector Fernandez, attempted to explain some of this additional traffic as the result of expansion in the French holiday market. Some 7,170 tourists from France were registered as travelling to the island during February, putting the level of arrivals at 106% compared with previous records for the same period.

But of course it was the British market which saw amongst the most substantial gains in numbers, a result no doubt of the appalling weather that has raged over the British Isles since the end of October 2013. Causing many to seek a last minute reprieve from the almost continuous flooding and stormy weather that was battering Britain’s shores. The increase in sun-seeking Britons was measured at 29.5%, a not inconsiderable rise amongst the dominant tourist market, which usually accounts for around a million of the visitors who come to Lanzarote annually.

Less traditional markets also saw an upsurge in their tourist numbers, with Danish (99.1%), Finnish (89.3%), Belgian (93.9%) and Polish (95.1%) visitors all flocking here at higher levels than recorded in 2013. Lagging somewhat behind this were tourists coming from Holland, although this still represented a healthy 41.1% increase on February last year.

The other leading markets for tourism, namely mainland Spain, Germany and Ireland, fared rather less consistently, with only the Spanish visitor numbers making gains (12.3%). Ireland and Germany, contrarily, saw falls in the number of tourists deciding to make a break for the sun in Lanzarote, with -1.9% less Irish visitors and a huge -18.9% decrease in tourists from Germany arriving here.

The overall total number of visitors to Lanzarote in February was 185, 815. In comparison with other regions of Spain, only Catalunya saw an equally impressive increase in tourist visitors during the second month of the year, with a 13% rise this February in contrast to last year.